Studio Neat: Glif +

A new accessory to my iPhone. I’ve been wanting to get some ideas down on video, but haven’t had the chance to get a proper camera. I told my boss, Mark, this and he suggested that I use my iPhone 4 (I know it’s not the 4S, but it’s plenty sufficient). I then went on a sweet Google Search for tri-pod adaptors for iPhones. I came across this sweet little American company, Studio Neat

I ended up getting the Glif + package, which included their Serif attachment, the Ligature, and of course the Glif.

The Serif attachment is used for an extra sense of security while you dangle your $600 phone over water, mud, concrete etc.

While the Ligature, which I’m might find either annoying or very handy, allows you to carry your Glif anywhere your car goes.

The Glif alone is pretty cool. Not only can you attach it to your tri-pod, but you can prop it up for hands-free Face Time, and for a more comfortable viewing angle.

Of course I’ll have to film some fun things with this, and of course I’ll post the videos up once I get them ready. But in the mean time check out Studio Neats website. They have an interesting looking Stylust called the Cosmonaut that I’m still debating about.

Now, where can I find a tri-pod…

One Comment on “Studio Neat: Glif +”

  1. Clint Moses says:

    That is an awesome idea! I may need to pick one of those up. Thanks for the info.

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