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Phobia Typo-gram

Pop Tarts

I actually ate strawberry flavored Tarts. But this was the best image.

Here is my lastest consumption. Wednesday are the busiest days for me. Work, then homework, then to class, then class…and then one more class. I have class from 2pm to 10pm, yeah not that fun. Every once in awhile I get to sneak a “dinner” or a snack in. Today I was walking through the Taylor building, here at BYUI, and got my hunger on. If you’ve ever been to the Taylor building, there isn’t much there to eat. In a small corner, next to the janitorial closet, you’ll find 3 vending machines. One machine is full of “freshly made” items, another is of snacks, and the last, beverages. Skip that “freshly made” stuff, and I can get a drink from the fountain, the snacks is where I was heading.
I examine my choices and decide on the strawberry flavored PopTarts are the way to go. I hadn’t had a PopTart in quite some time, and to tell you the truth I hadn’t had much as a kid either. (Check out my About page). It was good, and it didn’t fill me up. Empty foods.

On my Mind

So…I’m not really sure what kind of Blog this is going to be…It might be something I just write my thoughts in about Art. It might be something I post everyday in about art. It might be a way for me to get work. It might be something for me to show my portfolio…I don’t know. Then again it might be something that I do once a day, or once a week. Will this get me money? I’m not sure. Or it might be all of these things. Yeah all of these.


For School

This was part of a project for school.


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Paragraph text, The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.