Free N Sick

A Free retina display Wallpaper for your iPhone 4 or 4S.

Not much to say, but I’ve recently been playing around with ideas for wallpapers for the iPhone 4 and 4S. I originally had a version of this as the background to this here blog, and part of my profile picture on my Facebook page.

Under neath are some screen shots of my locked screen and of my home screen from my phone. At the bottom is the actual size and dpi (960 x 640) it needs to be for y’all to have.




Go on and click on this last image and save it to your iPhone or other device and don’t be afraid to leave a comment or share your thoughts on it. Thanks.

Studio Neat: Glif +

A new accessory to my iPhone. I’ve been wanting to get some ideas down on video, but haven’t had the chance to get a proper camera. I told my boss, Mark, this and he suggested that I use my iPhone 4 (I know it’s not the 4S, but it’s plenty sufficient). I then went on a sweet Google Search for tri-pod adaptors for iPhones. I came across this sweet little American company, Studio Neat

I ended up getting the Glif + package, which included their Serif attachment, the Ligature, and of course the Glif.

The Serif attachment is used for an extra sense of security while you dangle your $600 phone over water, mud, concrete etc.

While the Ligature, which I’m might find either annoying or very handy, allows you to carry your Glif anywhere your car goes.

The Glif alone is pretty cool. Not only can you attach it to your tri-pod, but you can prop it up for hands-free Face Time, and for a more comfortable viewing angle.

Of course I’ll have to film some fun things with this, and of course I’ll post the videos up once I get them ready. But in the mean time check out Studio Neats website. They have an interesting looking Stylust called the Cosmonaut that I’m still debating about.

Now, where can I find a tri-pod…









On my way home today we stopped by a sweet store inside of Trolley Square, in Salt Lake City Utah. It’s called TABULA RASA. I tried explaining what was inside the store to my brother and his girlfriend. “Just nice things…the finer things you wouldn’t normally buy.”
Anyways, while they were making out in the back, I took some pictures of the awesome package designs.
Made me think of how important design is for product. If its going to be in a “finer things” store, then it had better live up to the atmosphere.

YETI Rexburg Rugby Team

WarBonnet Gun Scroll Work

Phobia Typo-gram

Pop Tarts

I actually ate strawberry flavored Tarts. But this was the best image.

Here is my lastest consumption. Wednesday are the busiest days for me. Work, then homework, then to class, then class…and then one more class. I have class from 2pm to 10pm, yeah not that fun. Every once in awhile I get to sneak a “dinner” or a snack in. Today I was walking through the Taylor building, here at BYUI, and got my hunger on. If you’ve ever been to the Taylor building, there isn’t much there to eat. In a small corner, next to the janitorial closet, you’ll find 3 vending machines. One machine is full of “freshly made” items, another is of snacks, and the last, beverages. Skip that “freshly made” stuff, and I can get a drink from the fountain, the snacks is where I was heading.
I examine my choices and decide on the strawberry flavored PopTarts are the way to go. I hadn’t had a PopTart in quite some time, and to tell you the truth I hadn’t had much as a kid either. (Check out my About page). It was good, and it didn’t fill me up. Empty foods.

On my Mind

So…I’m not really sure what kind of Blog this is going to be…It might be something I just write my thoughts in about Art. It might be something I post everyday in about art. It might be a way for me to get work. It might be something for me to show my portfolio…I don’t know. Then again it might be something that I do once a day, or once a week. Will this get me money? I’m not sure. Or it might be all of these things. Yeah all of these.